House Rules

We’re not big on rules. Rule 1 and Respect for others pretty much covers all aspects of fostering a productive community. That said, here are a few specifics worth mentioning:

  • Rule 1: Leave things as good or better than they were found.

  • Don’t abuse the internet bandwidth. No illegal BitTorrent / file-sharing, PERIOD.

Leave things better for the next person, they do the same, and the cycle continues.

Simple Examples: Push in chairs, put ink or paper in the printer, clean spills, remove refrigerator clutter, wash your dishes, wash your paint brushes, put lids back on things, don’t be an idiot. 

Sound Level

  • Sound oscillates between rooms throughout the day.

  • If it’s noisy and you need to focus then put on headphones.

  • Try not to interrupt someone wearing headphones.

  • If you need to take a long or loud phone call then please step outside

Membership Rates and Benefits

We’re always striving to improve the value and experience, so see our “Co-Creative Workspace” page for current rates and member benefits.

Fees and Conditions

  • Payments are auto-drafted once a month and should be paid electronically by debit or credit card.

  • There is an additional locker fee of $10 a month. Locker space is limited

  • There is a $20 an hour fee after hours if the space is not occupied and we are able to assist you

  • You will be held responsible for any damages you cause

  • Disrespecting the space and/or others will result in terminating your membership and Melissa Fabry, owner of Indigo has the right to dismiss anyone at anytime.

Printing / Scanning

There is a community printer/scanners available up stairs for light jobs only. 

Accessibility & Insurance

  • Co-Creative Workspace hours are Mon-Fri 9:30AM-5:30PM.

  • Member’s property is NOT covered by OpenWorks insurance – you are encouraged to purchase your own insurance if you have things worth insuring.