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Debbie Bzdyl

Abstract painter working in acrylic and mixed media.

Born in Anderson County. Living in Pendleton, SC

“I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. Mom once laughed and said, ‘Debbie was born with a box of crayons in her hand.’ By the age of six, I had won my first art contest, sponsored by a Saturday morning children’s show called Tim’s Treetop Forest. In college, I turned my attention to graphic design. From 1983 until 1991, I worked as a graphic designer for several different organizations. In 1992 I started my own business, Impact! Graphics, Inc. which continued until I retired in December 2013. When I started painting again, I went back to what I knew, painting in a realistic style. After about a year, I started moving more toward impressionism and then into abstract. Abstract allows me to give form to the intangible and to explore color, light, and composition in ways I can’t in more traditional art. I love not knowing exactly where the painting is going and instead letting the painting guide me. Robert Henri, an American painter and teacher in the late 1800s and early 1900s said we all have a song inside us and it is the responsibility of artists to be true to ourselves and sing with all our hearts. It is my hope that “the song I sing” through my art inspires those who see it and allows them to experience the world in new and beautiful ways.


Stephanie Christian

Painter working in acrylic and plaster

Anderson, SC

Stephanie Christian began her education at Western Kentucky University with a major in Interior Design .After relocating to Nashville she switched her major to Studio Art at Belmont University.Her work has touched on many media-from wood sculpture , to charcoal, to mixed media before evolving to her current body of work.  Stephanie creates moody,textured scenes with a dream like quality. She captures mystery and great depth, intriguing the viewer with a feeling of scenes being lost in time.


Simms Brooks

Jewelry Maker

Anderson, SC

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” ~Roald Dahl

I'm a wanderer. My art is the world, the way I see it; beautiful and mysterious yet derelict and decayed and all astonishingly awe inspiring. The best memories of my life drive my creations. Golden boxes full of marbles, hidden treasures, a drawer full of glittering jewels, an over-studied book of Audubon's paintings are among my inspirations. The old. The worn. The well-loved... 

Born and raised in Columbia, Greenville and Anderson with 22 years spent in exile in California. I moved home to SC six years ago. My muse was always here, waiting for me all along, in the land and the sea of home.


Erin Hughes

Photo Encaustic Paintings, Oil/Cold Wax Paintings and Fine Art Photography

Anderson, SC

The intention behind my work is to grasp the sense of beauty and wonder that accompanies a child’s view of the world. My art is a constant pursuit to maintain our connection to beauty and wonder while also acknowledging our separation from them. I choose each photograph as the base for an encaustic piece because there is some element of the image that resonates with this feeling of separation or acknowledgment of beauty. Encaustic medium is the physical representation of it in my work. However, my goal with photo encaustic is to reach the point where the wax begins to blend into the photograph and one is drawn into the scene rather than away from it. The boundary between the viewer and the image becomes fluid and translucent. Alternatively, using oil and cold wax, I free myself from the constraints of an image and try to reach the same connections and emotions by employing complementary elements of color, shape and line. I will often connect the two mediums of encaustic and oil via diptychs that initiate a conversation between the two ideas.


Hannah Cartee Interiano


Anderson, SC

Southern Preservations- A story through photographs of left behind places in the heart of the historical city of anderson, sc. born and raised in anderson sc, graduated from clemson university with a BACHELORS in fine afts in 2016. I document abandon places in the city of anderson through photography.

I find unique compositions and historic buildings, then adding a brief description about the location’s history


Dionne White

Fine artist

Anderson, SC

Fine Artist, Dionne White is a Contemporary Inspirational Painter, 

known as "The Golden Girl" for her signature trait of using fine gold paint in her work. Her intention is to create work that evokes a sense of abundant wholeness, peace, joy, and healing, releasing a message of hope. Her work is inspirational in nature but representational in style. 

In addition, Dionne is interested in the beauty and intricacies of nature and how they connect with the human spirit. 

Dionne's intuitive process incorporates the ancient Japanese Art of Kintsugi, meaning "the mending of brokenness". The Japanese believe in repairing with gold making the subject more beautiful. By illuminating the broken areas with gold it adds to the history and character of the mended piece. This Kintsugi approach to art making is always at the heart of what she does in the Spirit of Jesus Christ.


Valerie Lowe & Katie tillman

Friends ART, Farm and Catering


Anderson, SC

having been in the food service industry for most of our adult lives, feeding folks has been our mission. But, more that that, to nourish has been the goal!

In the past decade or so, we have added another dimension. Working in clay and creating pieces that NOURISH on multiple levels has been a new passion. “Feeding the body…Feeding the soul” has become our mantra. And so, our work in clay tends to be functional with a nod toward the whimsical…perhaps connecting at the heart level.

Our hope is that what we have created will be useful and bring you as much joy as it has brought us to create. From our hands and hearts to yours!

Pick it up…hold it…feel it…. and if it speaks to you…take it home!


Dale Finley

Friends ART, Farm and Catering


Franklin, TN

With no access to formal training at that early age I did the best with my limited understanding and readily available materials. I made my own frames and streched old table cloths as canvas. My sister kept one of my earlier works in which you can see those crude efforts.

My formal training was that of an industrial designer (BS Industrial Design, Kent State University)

I enjoyed a full career designing and marketing various plastic “functional packages” including child resistant packages – yes, those which adults struggle to open. The curriculum emphasized various rendering techniques with focus on perspective, proportion and line drawing. And, although at the time I questioned the relevancy of art history, it exposed me to “fine art”. Specifically, late 19th century Russian and American painters that furthered my interest in oil painting. Those works are as intriguing to me today as they were then.

Free of commercial responsibilities I’m at liberty to simply pursue “art for art’s sake". A welcome juxtaposition of a singularly produced oil painting vis a vis mass produced packages. My manner of painting is colored by those 19th century artists that ideally imparts a loose realistic quality. Mixing that influence with content derived from a moment of observation I look to draw attention to the interesting compositions found in everyday settings. I trust viewers find my works easily relatable, evocative and delightful to the eye.